About Us

A new start-up company offering support and multimedia services to independent editorial teams working for the world’s leading English-language media.


Want to make an impact?
Do you have what it takes?

Our Team

Calculate. Imagine. Research. Innovate. Dream. Motivate. We do it all!


Spot news

Add basic info

Commissioning Editor

Review news items

Decide to proceed or not


Real or fake? Out or not?

Add missing info

Illustration Editor

Check/obtain copyright

Good enough illustrations

Pic/Video Editor

Edit pictures/videos

Take screenshots


Responsible for facts

Understand story / write text

Senior Reporter

Polish to perfection

Selling headline and top line

Sub Editor

Style guide / Legal risk

High-standard copy

Send Desk Editor

Send to clients

Maintain connection

Wait period

Hold on for 48h …


Track usage

Compile cuttings


File for payment

Pay the team

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