MediaTech Support is a new start-up company offering support and multimedia services to independent editorial teams working for the world’s leading English-language media.

Located in Skopje, Macedonia, we already have an established relationship with our clients who are engaged in generating independent news for international publications.

We offer multimedia services and content ranging from pictures and video through to news items. We also offer related services such as IT support, cuttings and graphic design. We have a team of qualified professionals to support the journalistic and editorial work of our clients and our team is growing all the time.

With the growing issue of sharing fake news, we have created a process of always verifying our content and making sure we only forward our clients the truth backed up by facts and research.

On each news item we have a team of at least 10 people working on different expertise areas, combining different type of skills and knowledge into one product. Sharing ideas, learning from each other and working together, in order to bring the product to an acceptable world-wide standard.

MediaTech Support offers training to young journalists and constantly recruiting people with language skills who wish to work as international correspondents.

We are part of the Fourth Estate Alliance, a newly formed organisation formed by independent freelance journalists who agree to follow a code of conduct which includes an agreement never to send public relations or marketing material to publishers.

Instead, the promise to only do independent journalism and also to stay clear of vested interest journalism.

Members are registered and accredited and also agree not to attempt to push their own interests through journalism.

One of the founding directors said: “The profession of freelance journalist is often seen as being poorly paid and overworked. But there is a small community of high profile freelancers who choose to work independently so they can cover the stories they regard as important.

“What this group has been lacking has been networking and support services to build their own brand, and this is what is being provided by the Fourth Estate Alliance.

“Freelancers work together instead of against each other forming into small agencies to cover specialist areas, and will also be liaising with each other each time the research uncovers fake news infecting the media landscape.”

He said: “It was interesting for us that Macedonia was at the heart of the scandal around fake news with many fake websites set up during the US election campaign for example. It is therefore very relevant that Macedonia is now at the forefront of a new initiative to tackle fake news.”

We take every bit of information seriously, tackle fake news, write only the truth!

Did we get your attention?

Are you a news media organisation? Do you need assistance in the editorial process? Or have any projects in need of full support by a dedicated person? Here is what WE can do for YOU:

– Story spotting, copychecking and translation

– Find the most appropriate illustrations and obtain copyright

– Rewritting text to satisfy company writting standards Edit pictures and videos for better story output

– Local/remote upload of final story output Keeping track of usage of material and processing data Assistance with financing of sold material

– Widening clients database

– Quidance through company reorganisation and project management software

– Project management

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our service or you believe we can create a partnership of different type. We adapt to our clients/partners needs and strive to providing professional service pack.

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